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A brief history of my Career.

I first started my thatching in 1989 when I started an apprenticeship with a Hertfordshire Thatcher where I completed 5 years of training learning all aspects of thatching with different features using different materials. For the next few years I worked alongside Thatchers in Essex and Thatchers in Cambridgeshire to learn slightly different techniques and to gain more experience. Since then I have undertaken my own projects where I have many satisfied customers throughout Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. I was even lucky enough  to help with the set of  Harry Potter.

My aim for all the contracts I undertake is to complete the work to the highest standard at a realistic price. I have to be happy with the work before I can even hope that my customer will be happy although if there is something that they would like altered I will always attempt to finish the roof  to their satisfaction.

Aims for all projects

Each area has slightly different general characteristics . Essex Thatchers tend to use rolled gables and pinnacles whereas Hertfordshire Thatchers tend to use cut gables and pinnacles. Cambridgeshire Thatchers on the other hand tend to use cut gables and cap ends. These become more relevant when dealing with grant work as councils will insist on certain styles if they are making grant funding available.

Above is an example of  a straw roof  which was grant aided by East Hertfordshire District Council. Because of this a flush ridge had to be fitted.